About Galactic Rats

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I started breeding in 2018. I breed for health and temperament in pink and black eyed martens with both ear types. 2020 brings plans for Ivory and silver agouti. I hope to breed kittens of show quality however the main aim is to breed confident, friendly, Healthy pets. 

I run a small rattery from my home. All my rats are first and foremost my pets and always will be. I am also happy to take in unwanted, difficult or aggressive rats either permanently or to re-home. 

All my rats have always been named after moons or related things. My first two rats were does by the name of Io and Callisto. This theme continues to this day and i wanted my rattery name to reflect this.

I am a member of the National fancy rat society, Yorkshire rat club, Midlands rat club and the North of England rat society and registered breeder with clubs and the NFRS.

I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.