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Moon Prince Gallifrey Prospero Aka Poe

Black eyed pointed marten.

Hes an older boy now having celebrated his second birthday. hes very sweet but was castrated in his younger years as he was a little on the fiesty side for a time. he now likes snoozing in buckets with his brother Cali. 

Moon Prince Gallifrey Caliban aka Cali 

Black Self

Cali is Poe's brother. they were certainly a terrible twosome growing up. Cali is now in his golden years with a few grey hairs. Cali likes snoozing in his bucket and eating bannana chips.

Moon Prince Lillyput Mitzuki 

pointed Russian marten

Mitzuki is the bully of the gang. He likes to throw his weight around sometimes but is a sweet boy really. Mitzuli is a . His brother is Sputnik.

Moon Prince Merriment Proteus.

black eyed marten

Proteus is a real sweetheart. Hes a beautiful boy bred by Nelly at Merriment. Protus is going to sire the Galactic rat line. hes a lovely cuddly boy who loves to lick you. Hes a little scruffy around the edges with two split ears and a de-gloved tale end, all of which he has had since a kitten. But hes the best boy you could ask for.

Moon Prince Lillyput Sputnik AKA sput butt

Russian Blue self.

Sputnik is a real fan favourite. Everyone who meets him falls in love with this dumbo eared big eyed boy. Hes a real character and won reserved best pet at the latest show we went to. where is also starred in this glossy photo shoot. 

This boy has been a real character he will be first at the bars to lick your fingers. 

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Moon Princes Black Lodge Margret

Faded black roan

Margret is the fluffy scruff bag of lot. My token rex of the group she is a really bag of cuddles. She is the star girl for my boyfriend and will often snuggle up with her. 


Moon Princes Black Lodge Perdita AKA Perdy

Faded black roan

Perdy is one of the most confident girls i have ever known. She loves to strut her stuff and cause mayhem when shes having free range time.

Shes often found curled up with her sister Margret. 


Renegade Moon Princess Stix AKA Stix

Black eyed martin

DOB 26/02/18

Stix is Nix's Naughty twin. The main way to tell the two apart is by there personality. 

Stix is the boss, she is also one of the most friendly and outgoing rats i have ever met. She is soon to be a mother and have the first litter of Galactic kittens.


Renegade Moon Princess Nix AKA Nix

Black eyed Martin

DOB 26/02/18

Nix is a strange shy girl. Shes happy to run over and say hi but hates to be cuddled and picked up.

shes proof of nature vs nurture having had the same upbringing as her two siblings. Shes a funny girl who loves to flirt with the boys. She will not be used to breed due to temperament but has a permanent home here with me.

Moon Princes Miranda 

Variegated Silver Fawn double rex.

Miranda is a sweet girl who came to me after her previous owner was afraid of her. She doesn't have the best eyesight and can sometimes give a little nip when shes not expecting you. She has come on leaps and bounds in her time with me and her confidence grows daily.