A look inside....

Galactic rats is a small rattery run out of my spare bedroom which is now the rat room.

All the lines i breed are originally from NFRS registered studs and breeders to ensure i am breeding from the healthiest rats possible. and i continue to strive for the best health and temperament as well as show standard rats.

My rats enjoy the run of large top of the range cages, i currently use a triple little zoo ventura and a triple savic royal suite with intention to replace it with another little Zoo cage in the future. 

My rats are fed a balanced home made mix daily. This is scatter fed to encourage natural foraging behaviours. My rats get fresh food once or twice per week on average. 

I do free range my rats within the room where they have a cat tree to climb and toys to play with. 

My rats are my pets and i do not make any profit on any rat i sell, its simply a way to share my love of rats with everyone.

I post updates on my facebook regularly with videos. If you have any questions however on my rats or rattery feel free to ask me any questions.