Varieties we breed.

All responsible small breeders only concentrate on one or two varieties therefore if you are looking for a specific variety you may need to look at other breeders.

Pink eyed marten kittens. Dumbo (left) and standard/top eared (right)


My Primary variety is Marten, This means a dark steel grey rat with paler bellies and the classic paler shading around the eyes and muzzle. 

I breed Martens in Black and Pink eyes and both top and dumbo ears. 

Please see photos for some for different examples.

I have also started breeding Silver agouti which is the agouti form of marten. As a result i may have black and agouti rats available occasionally.

My Marten line are my pride and joy and have the most amazing temperaments. They are very docile while still active and like being around people. I have had lots of success in the pet section at shows with rats from this line with both myself and pet homes. 

Black eyed marten - Dumbo ears


My newest variety i have added is Ivory. 

Ivory's are a warm white rat with striking black eyes.

My ivory's are a little more vocal and sassy in temperament then my marten line. They are much more independent and less cuddly but are super fun and interactive. I would not recommend them for children but otherwise they have buckets of personality to offer. 


Be aware Ivory's are not the same genetically as "black eyed whites" which are prone to a number of health issues. Ivory's do not suffer the same consequences and are a healthy and robust variety. 

If you wish to learn more about different varieties of rats please click HERE. This link will take you to a website written by a fellow rat breeder which has information on most available uk varieties.